A Little About Your Teacher


My view of the world is pretty simple.  I try to find ways that I can positively contribute to society.

I also realize that the organisms in this world depend on each other.  We are all part of a grand relationship of existence.  Take this lion for example – I took this picture from about ten feet away.  I was leaning out of a window and had no protection between me and the lion.  Had the lion pounced and killed me, it would have indeed been a tragedy, but all the lion knows is survive… kill to eat… live!  Many organisms on earth are only concerned with survival.

On the contrary, I propose that we, as a 21st century culture, think not about how we alone can survive, but instead how we can help others.  This class will provide you with many choices.  You can choose either to be a single unit trying to survive, or you can choose to be part of a team all working together to create a better class.

“Let us have faith that right makes might, and in that faith, let us, to the end, dare to do our duty as we understand it.” – Abraham Lincoln



Born:  Irving, TX
Hometown:  Coppell, TX
Hobbies:  Family, Home improvement projects, Baseball, Hunting/Shooting

In 2009, I married my kindergarden sweetheart.  I literally met my wife when I was 1-week old.  We were born three days apart, and our parents were best friends.  We were sweethearts through kindergarden and half-way through 1st grade.  Then, I moved to another town about 20 minutes away.  The next 25 years, we only saw each other maybe a dozen times.  In 2008, we were reunited at my brother’s weeding, and we haven’t looked in our rear-view mirror since.  :)
We now have a 4-year old girl named Peyton, and a 2-year old boy named Griffin.  We also have a 6-year old yellow-Lab named Riley.